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Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls

Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls


Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls separating two independent rooms painted black


Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls in 33.1 safety glass and structural steel is a project that we, as Loft & Design, designed, manufactured and installed for our client’s apartment.

Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls with glazing in separate sixteen quarters

Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls – with cylinder lock

  • Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls is a complex construction which separates corridors and rooms with a lockable swing door installed in the middle.
  • The loft door is equipped with a cylinder lock.
  • Designers and architects of interiors of modern buildings often reach for loft glazing solutions to ensure the best possible illumination of rooms without windows and to separate individual usable spaces.
  • Loft wing door with a wall around it is one of the types of products available in our offer. It is a solution that is gaining more and more popularity due to its practical, aesthetic and usable values.
  • Such a door with a wall is characterised by excellent durability and strength. It also allows for better permeability of natural light in rooms without external windows.

Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls illuminated by artificial light from corridor

Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls - view from corridor to closed door

Loft Metal Door with Industrial Glazed Wall

  • The entire construction – both the door and the surrounding loft wall – is made of metal (structural steel).
  • Apart from the glass, all elements have been powder-coated in the style of a fine structure in RAL 9005 colour.
  • The method of powder coating is based on the application of electrified powder paint particles onto surfaces. The deposited powder layer is then held on the surface of the painted workpiece by electrostatic forces.
  • In powder coating, the resulting paint coating is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, high temperatures and mechanical damage.

Glass Swing Loft Doors with Loft Walls - view from corridor to open closed door

Doors with Loft Walls with safety glass 33.1

  • The entire structure is glazed with 33.1 safety glass.
  • The loft doors, side walls and skylight at the top have a total of sixteen separate glass-filled quarters.
  • This solution’s advantage is that if one of the panes is broken, only one pane in the unit needs to be replaced.
  • What is more, 33.1 safety glass does not break into pieces when broken but remains on the film and forms a so-called spider web, in which shards of glass remain stuck to the film separating the two panes of glass joined together.
  • The door is set on three hinges which are turned and welded by us.

Handle with cylinder lock in loft door with industrial glazed wall made of structural steel

Loft glazed partition with swinging loft doors lit by artificial light from the corridor

Loft door with handle and cylinder lock with safety glass type 33.1

Turned and welded metal hinges for loft doors made of metal and glass

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We have experience in large and modern projects. That is why in our portfolio, you can find such investments as EIP Warsaw Office, where we comprehensively produced and installed loft doors and wall system. Other landmark projects we have co-created include Adidas Runners Warsaw or the HBO Poland Studio located in the Ethos building at Plac Trzech Krzyży in the heart of Warsaw recognised in the prestigious Prime Property Prize 2018 and CIJ Awards Poland 2018 competitions. A large, exciting and unusual project for a private client is the Industrial Mezzanine with Library in loft-style made by us.