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Adidas Runners Club – Warsaw – Poland

Adidas Runners Club – Warsaw – Poland

As Loft & Design at Adidas Runners Club in Warsaw, we made the following elements according to the project and comprehensively installed them:


  • Glass loft doors
  • Reception desk with grid
  • Metal wall shelves
  • Bar tables with wooden table top
  • Mobile wooden coffee tables with metal legs
  • Dedicated extension over the shelf with exercise items



Metal – Glass – Wood


In loft projects, we aspire to create a modern design based on traditional and durable materials, and to incorporate a unique style into it. In this case we used three types of materials:




Adidas Runners – a unique and inimitable project


Although the Adidas Clubs for runners are located in different corners of the world, each of them is unique. Warsaw Adidas Runners Club is also a unique dedicated facility. Thanks to that, each of the elements made in our studio has been prepared separately. In accordance with the guidelines provided to us by the designers.



Global network of clubs


Warsaw’s Adidas Club, located in the capital city at 38 Solec Street, belongs to the global network of Adidas clubs, so they give their members free space for training and professional advice and guidance by experienced and qualified runners.


The 450-square-metre premises are equipped:


  • Cloakrooms with showers
  • Cabinets
  • The room with the exercise equipment


The aim of the creators is not only to create a space for exercise, but mainly a community of people from different backgrounds, who have one thing in common: the passion for running. The place has also been equipped with a relaxation zone to foster the relationship and strengthen and inspire each other.


In terms of planning various trainings Adidas Runners Club is well located. It is very close to the paths on both sides of the Vistula River, Royal Łazienki Park and to Agrykola in order to practice the runners and loops on the runway.


We are happy to be part of this initiative.


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