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Studio HBO Poland

Studio HBO Poland

As Loft & Design in the new HBO Polska studio, we have comprehensively made and installed the following elements, among others:

  • Loft walls and loft doors – made of metal and glass,
  • Steel mezzanine construction with balustrades,
  • Logo and floor drains.


The realization of the project was a big challenge for us, because we had to fit exactly into the designers’ original concepts.


Big logistical challenge


The office combines features that are difficult to combine perfectly with each other on a daily basis. It is about comfort, functionality and representative space for business meetings. The designers have equipped it with modern furniture, stylish lighting and acoustic ceilings.


At the very beginning, the creators decided to use a different division of rooms than it is used in everyday life, i.e. separate spaces for meetings and work. In place of the traditionally used carpets, wooden oiled floors were installed, and windows cover curtains.


The rooms in the office have been divided by our dedicated, stylized glass loft walls.


Mezzanine with industrial staircase


The previously undeveloped space has been turned into a functional and comfortable relaxation zone. As Loft & Design we made and installed a steel mezzanine construction with industrial stairs and railings with mesh.


The HBO Poland office also has a stylish 270 sq.m. terrace with a garden, from which there is a view of the eastern side of the capital.


The office has also installed elements referring to the most important HBO productions: floor decks from the series Game of Thrones, or a neon sign from the Soprano family hanging on the bar wall.


Ethos Building


HBO Poland’s new headquarters are located in the Ethos building on Plac Trzech Krzyży in the heart of Warsaw. The designers’ aim was to combine simple forms and natural materials with innovative solutions.


The new Studio HBO Poland was appreciated in the prestigious competitions Prime Property Prize 2018 and CIJ Awards Poland 2018.


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