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Mezzanine Loft with Library | Entresol Loft

Mezzanine Loft with Library


Mezzanine Loft with library | Entresol Loft | Mezzanine made of structural steel, tempered glass and wood in a detached house


As the Loft & Design in a private detached house, we have comprehensively made and installed the following elements consisting of an Mezzanine Loft with a library built in the loft style:


  • Loft metal stairs with wooden steps
  • Loft metal mezzanine with tempered glass flooring
  • Tempered glass balustrade
  • Fine structure-style painted steel library in the RAL 9005 colour palette
  • LED backlights for the library, mezzanine loft and glass railings
  • Sliding ladder on guides


Our Mezzanine Loft has all the necessary tests and meets the demanding building standards. It was designed by professionals with extensive experience.


Glass railing and metal ladder on mezzanine loft - Entresol Loft with tempered glass floor and structural steel library


Reinforced toughened glass and structural steel


Tempered glass floor on the mezzanine Loft - Entresol Loft with a library made in loft industrial style of structural steel


Oak Industrial Staircase – Oak Loft Shelves


Library on an mezzanine loft - Entresol Loft made in loft style from structural steel, tempered glass and wood


What is a mezzanine loft?


Under the Polish construction law, according to the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of 2015, a mezzanine floor is the upper part of a storey or a room located above the intermediate ceiling that separates it, with an area smaller than the area of this storey or room, not enclosed by building partitions from the interior from which it is separated.


Mezzanines in loft are an attractive solution for rooms with high ceilings. On additional areas you can install not only a private library as in our project, but also such elements as home office, bedrooms or at least an additional bedroom or guest room. Mezzanines loft are currently built in lofts, tall apartments, detached houses or attics.


However, the mezzanine loft must be made by professionals and it cannot be a spontaneous project.


The mezzanine loft is not a separate storey. However, it is installed in the upper room part, and its area is smaller than the floor in which it is located. What is essential, it is not covered by separate full walls from the room from which it was separated. However, for the safety of the occupants, it usually has railings.


Mezzanine Loft with the Library

Many people’s dream is a home library. A private library installed on the mezzanine loft will be a perfect idea for this type of solution. This is not only saving space in other rooms, but also assigning dedicated space only for this purpose.


What’s the entrance to the Mezzanine Loft?

One of the key elements is a safe and stable entrance to the entresol. Currently, straight stairs (as in the mezzanine prepared by us above), curved stairs or a ladder are used. In most cases, the stairs also have a mezzanine loft installed – most often connected directly to the balustrade. For the sake of aesthetics it is worth to make it in the same style.


Entresol Loft with bed

In rooms with high interiors, installing a bed on the mezzanine is a practical solution not only because of its interesting design but also because of its practicality and space saving.



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