Probably each of us has met the term Loft, loft spaces, loft apartments, loft offices, loft doors, loft furniture or industrial spaces at least once.

The word Loft by the dictionary means a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building used for residential or commercial purposes.

Another meaning of the word is a large, open area in a warehouse, factory or other large building that has been transformed into a living space.

However, loft as space has many uses - offices, residential spaces, film and photo studios, gyms, CrossFit, retail stores and much more.

A loft apartment is a large, flexible, open space, usually without internal walls (outside the bathroom), converted for residential purposes.

Such apartments are characterized by high ceilings, exposed pipes, ceiling beams and huge spacious windows.

A loft office is a vast space designed in an industrial style, most often including open space and glazed metal loft walls that separate individual rooms.

Loft apartments can now be found in many places around the world, but New York is considered the cradle of this style.

Hard Loft are former industrial buildings that have been transformed and adapted for residential and office purposes.

Soft Loft is an entirely new built residential or commercial building, which is reminiscent of old industrial buildings.